Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1143 - Dragon Legacy Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 1143 – Dragon Legacy

“They’re dead?”

“What!? They’re really dead?!”

Excitement bubbled in the players’ chests when they noticed the golden glow wrap around their bodies. Many could not help but cheer, with some people losing strength in their legs as they planted their butts on the ground.

“We’re too amazing! We actually killed two Mythic Bosses!”

“My experience bar is still rising!”

They had just defeated two Level 65, Mythic ranked Archaic Species. Both monsters already gave a lot of EXP, but they also got bonus EXP for killing monsters of a higher level. Most importantly, only twenty players shared it all. In the end, not only had everyone leveled up from Level 44 to Level 45, but they progressed to Level 46 as well.

As for Shi Feng, he rose to Level 48 on the spot, with his empty experience bar filling once more.

Level 48, 30%… 40%… 50%…

In less than two seconds, his experience bar had reached 90%. Following which, its growth slowed, increasing by one percentage after another.

95%… 96%… 97%…

Just as his experience bar looked as if it would stop at 99%, another golden glow encased Shi Feng’s body.

Level 49.

The awarded EXP is truly extravagant. Shi Feng was surprised. He also found it difficult to suppress his bubbling excitement.

He was now only one level away from Level 50. With his current weapon and equipment standards, he should have no problems passing his Tier 2 class-change quest. Once he completed his class-change quest, he would qualify to challenge quests he hadn’t dared to before.

Although there was only one tier between Tier 2 and Tier 1 classes, the difference was much greater than the difference between Tier 0 and Tier 1 players. If an ordinary Tier 1 player could go up against Elite monsters of the same level, then ordinary Tier 2 players could go up against Chieftains.

If a Chieftain and Elite monster of the same level fought each other, that battle would be one-sided. After all, Chieftains could serve as the final Bosses in Party Dungeons below Level 50. One could just imagine how massive the difference was between Tier 1 and Tier 2 classes.

If even Shi Feng had leveled up twice, the rest of the team’s leveling was insane. Aside from those with hidden classes, the team had leveled from Level 44 all the way to Level 48. Moreover, they were only a short distance away from reaching Level 49. As for players like Violet Cloud, Gentle Snow, and Zhao Yueru, who possessed a hidden class, they only rose to Level 47. Though, they were not far from Level 48.

Everyone was stunned for a long moment.

Right now, they could all could easily rank at the very top of the Ranking List in any kingdom or empire in God’s Domain. Moreover, they would be at least five levels higher than the second-ranked player.

“Hahaha! My HP is finally over 40,000!” After Cola finished allocating his recently acquired Free Attribute Points, he excitedly boasted, “With this, I’ll be the highest-HP MT in even the Black Dragon Empire!”

He was already the highest-HP MT throughout Star-Moon Kingdom. He had nearly 5,000 more HP than the MTs in other Guilds. Although he was not particularly certain about the situation in the Black Dragon Empire, he could dare to claim that no MT in the empire could match his HP.

“Forty thousand HP?”

Gentle Snow, who was Level 47, looked at her own HP bar, noticing that her HP had broken past the 40,000 threshold as well…

Gentle Snow could not help but sigh ruefully as she looked at her own HP bar.

She never imagined that one Fragmented Legendary item would make such a huge difference. Despite wielding a damage-dealing class and slightly weaker equipment than Cola’s, the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor had bridged the gap between her and the Guardian Knight. Not only had the Battle Armor upgraded her damage output by several levels, but it had also done the same for her Defense and HP.

It was no wonder why Shi Feng was willing to waste the 1,000-plus Basic Mana Pulse Bombs for the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest.

As everyone’s excitement about their levels died down, they shifted their gazes to the corpses of the two Fossilized Tyrannosauruses.

Aside from the items inside the Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest, the Inferior Dragons’ loot should make up for the losses they suffered.

Mythic Bosses!

Moreover, the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses were Archaic Species! Their loot was definitely extraordinary.

Just thinking about it ignited a passionate fire in these players’ hearts, their eyes shining.

Once the dust settled, the massive Fossilized Tyrannosaurus corpses were on full display. However, when the team noticed the few items scattered beside the bodies, disappointment flashed in their eyes.

Aside from a few scattered Gold Coins, one Fossilized Tyrannosaurus dropped eight items, while the other dropped seven. There were far fewer items than they had hoped for.

“Why are there so few drops?! These things are even more stingy than the Trolls!”

“Is it because we were unlucky? We should’ve given Guild Leader the last hit!”

Everyone’s excitement faded when the saw the loot.

Among the fifteen items, they ten were materials…

“Alright, get some rest. Violet, make sure Fire is safe.” Shi Feng chuckled at his crestfallen companions.

The number of items the Fossilized Tyrannosauruses dropped didn’t surprise Shi Feng in the least.

After reaching Level 50, the quantity and quality of the items monsters dropped decreased drastically. Furthermore, the system had just completed a new update. The system would’ve definitely lowered the drop-rate once again. The Main God System did so to stabilize weapon and equipment prices, giving Lifestyle classes a better opportunity to develop.

As players continued to level, their main source for weapons and equipment would gradually shift from monsters to Lifestyle players. In the future, 95% of the weapons and equipment players used would come from monsters and Lifestyle players. The remaining 5% would come from quests, miraculous encounters, Treasure Chests, and other such sources.

However, the majority of the weapons and equipment players produced could only satisfy ordinary players and experts. The truly excellent items would still come from killing powerful monsters or completing difficult quests.

Of course, players were also capable of producing weapons and equipment of excellent quality. Only, the requirement was extremely high, beyond the majority of God’s Domain’s Lifestyle players. Moreover, producing such items required super-rare materials, and these materials came from killing powerful monsters and exploring dangerous locations.

Following which, Shi Feng collected the loot and began to appraise each item.

“Not bad.”

Shi Feng revealed a joyful expression after appraising the raw materials. Among them was the Legendary material, Dragon Origin Crystal. Moreover, two Dragon Origin Crystals had dropped.

Only creatures of the Dragon race could drop these items. Unfortunately, Common Inferior Dragons wouldn’t drop them. At the very least, the monsters needed to be Mythic rank.

This was because the Dragon Origin Crystal contained the bloodline of Dragons.

If one applied the Dragon Origin Crystal when forging weapons or equipment, they could qualitatively change the item. The Dragon Origin Crystal was an excellent production material.

The crystal also had an even greater purpose: producing the Dragon Soul Potion.

When consuming this potion, players could class-change into a hidden class and obtain the Dragon Legacy.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1143 - Dragon Legacy Free Read Online (2024)
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