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Wendy’s Corporate Office is located in Ohio, USA. More information to reach out to Wendy’s restaurant corporate office is listed below, including the corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and Wendy’s complaints.

How To Contact Wendy’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wendy’s Corporate Headquarters Address:

Wendy’s Corporate Offices
Address: 1 Dave Thomas Blvd. Dublin, Ohio 43017 USA
Wendys Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-614-764-3100
Wendy’s Main Office Fax Number: 1-614-764-3330
Contact Number for Support and Help: 1-614-764-3100
Website: Wendys

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Directions and Map for Wendy Corporate Office

Wendy’s Competition

Wendy’s competes agains McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell. Regional chains, such as Carl’s Jr, In-N-Out Burger in the West or Whataburger in the South also compete with Wendys.

Disclaimer is not directly affiliated with Wendy’s. The platform is designed for informational, review, and feedback purposes only.

Extremely Poor Customer Service and Unsanitary Conditions at Wendy's on 8645 S Stony Island

November 5, 2023

Extremely Poor Customer Service and Unsanitary Conditions at Wendy’s on 8645 S Stony Island contamination. To support my claims, I have taken numerous photographs as evidence to substantiate my complaint against this particular Wendy’s location. I am writing to express my deep disappointment and concern regarding the abysmal customer service and unsanitary conditions I experienced at the Wendy’s located at 8645 S Stony Island in Chicago, Illinois. I feel compelled to bring these issues to your attention as a loyal customer who values quality service and cleanliness. Firstly, the entire staff, including the manager, exhibited an alarming lack of professionalism and a consistently negative attitude towards customers. It was evident that they had no genuine intention to provide satisfactory service. If there were an option to rate them with a zero, I would have done so.

Furthermore, I was shocked to witness several other troubling occurrences during my visit. The breakfast service was terminated abruptly, a full thirty minutes before its scheduled end time. Additionally, I observed openly displayed mouse traps within the dining area, which is both unhygienic and concerning for the overall safety and well-being of customers. Equally disturbing was the blatant disregard for food safety protocols. The employees handling food did not wear gloves, posing a serious risk Given the gravity of these issues, I am resolved to take further action. I plan to initiate a door-to-door petition campaign, urging for the temporary closure of this Wendy’s branch until appropriate measures are implemented to ensure that the establishment operates with a competent and customer-oriented team. I trust that you will take my concerns seriously and undertake the necessary measures to address the deplorable conditions at this Wendy’s location. As a valued customer who has frequented Wendy’s for an extended period, I genuinely hope that this matter will be resolved promptly and effectively.

Ms. McNeal

Wendy's Terrible Experience

April 23, 2024

Went to the Wendy’s on 45th street tonight. Have never been so disappointed. Sign outside says “fish is back”, wife wanted fish, guy behind the register say they no longer have fish!

No crackers for the chili, no spoons for the chili. He never said anything when I ordered it. No ketchup or cups to put it in, wife’s burger had a bun that was rock hard! Then one of the employees had a blow up and one of them came back in swearing up a storm dropping f-bombs and threatening to kill one of the other employees. I don’t think we will be visiting this Wendy’s ever again! Wish I could have spoken to the manager.

David Kruse

Wendy's Slip & Fall

January 23, 2024

Slip & Fall!

Wendy’s Location I went to Pico Rivera, CA the cashier was nice I placed my food, and everything went well.

I was waiting for my food & drink. Once I received my food I always checked it, I wanted some ranch dressing, so once I headed back to the counter I slipped & fell there was a puddle of water on the floor, and there was no wet sign on the floor. One of Wendy’s employees saw me fall & just walked away like she didn’t see anything.. Once I came up to the counter & asked for the ranch I told the Cashier who helped me there was water & I fell she was like oh okay. I did scrape my knee & I have been in pain for the last 2 days, Lucky I didn’t break anything but your employees just walk away when people fall is so disrespectful.


Wendy's Unprofessional Cashier

January 13, 2024

I was just in Wendy’s at 6102 University Dr. Huntsville, AL. I ordered my food and a Frosty from a young girl with long braids. I believe her name was Alicia. After I placed the order I saw the food come up. Alecia started to help 3 customers next to me while all the time flirting with them. Finally, she started grabbing food, which was the wrong order; but got corrected and threw it in the bag and slid it across the counter and said there’s your food. I told her I ordered a large Frosty as well. She said and I quote “I KNOW YOU DID SO JUST GIVED ME TIME TO FIX IT, JUST BE GLAD I’M GETTING IT FOR YOU. She brought it to me and said THERE! Have a great day. By this time I was so insulted a wanted to just throw the food and Frosty in the trash after being treated so badly. I didn’t because my 90 year old father was in the car waiting and wanted a Frosty. Never have I experienced such terrible service and an extremely rude person at the Wendys on University Dr in Huntsville, AL. I did call the store when I got back in the car and spoke to a manager. The manager asked me who it was and asked if it was the girl with the long braids? I told her it was and then the manager told me she had already had 2 complaints today. For over 30 years I’ve been in some type of service industry and in management. If she was my employee the third complaint in one day would be their last day working there, She made not just Wendy’s look bad but also management for letting her work there. Unprofessional Cashier/1/13/2024.


Wendy's Pretzel Baconator

January 12, 2024

my wife went to the Wendy’s in Spring Hill FL (14339 Spring Hill Drive) to get the family a quick dinner. the Pretzel Baconator that looks good on TV is not. the hamburger patties were cold & tasteless & rubbery. the cheese was incinerated so much that it looked like it had been microwaved several times & the pretzel bun was soggy & bitter. I tried to call their store but it just rang & rang until I gave up. so much for fresh. corporate needs to send someone to this store to show them how to make a burger. P. S. The bacon looked like bacon bits.


Reach Wendy's Corporate Office Headquarters (2024)
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